Our Services

Treworgy & Baldacci recognizes the most important service we provide is assurance that your transaction will close and the borrower will be satisfied. We've designed our system with that goal in mind. Our state of the art software enables us to offer a streamlined single point of contact, which maximizes the satisfaction of both your loan processors and borrowers. Treworgy & Baldacci uses a variety of closing methods all designed to increase your borrowers' comfort level and ensure that your transaction closes without delay. We invite you to speak to any of our closing processors to select the method that will best suit you.

Our Methods:

  • Closing held near the borrower's home.
  • Closings held at lender / real estate agent's office
  • Attorney closing agents
  • Title agents
  • Notary closing agents

Treworgy & Baldacci knows the importance of meeting the ever-changing demands of clients, borrowers and the marketplace. We're dedicated to ensuring your real estate transaction proceeds flawlessly from opening to closing. We accomplish this by integrating our advanced technology and sincere staff to make our process match yours. Treworgy & Baldacci's streamlined approach to business will help you reach and surpass your own goals. Your loan processors are the heart of your loan closing operation. Treworgy & Baldacci understands this and we've designed our system to emphasize communication between you, your loan processors and us.

Our System:

  • Fast and accurate turn time on title searches/title commitments
  • Comprehensive and professional title examinations
  • Courteous, professional and personal service
  • Disbursement of loan proceeds
  • Deed/Mortgage Electronic Recording
  • Securing of payoffs
  • Tax researchers
  • Lien clearance
  • Policy issuance

Your borrower is your lifeblood. At Treworgy & Baldacci we are committed to the level of superior service necessary to encourage repeat business. Our services to your borrower are listed below.

Borrower Satisfaction:

  • Signed closing documents provided electronically and stored securely for convenient access
  • Polite, courteous, prompt and knowledgeable processors and closers
  • Qualified title professionals available to answer all questions
  • Accurate and timely disbursement services